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talkingat the windowOur Ministry
As Poor Sisters of Jesus Crucified and the Sorrowful Mother, we strive to fulfill our sacred mission by manifesting charity and prudence in the use of our God-given talents for His greater honor and glory.

As a community we are apostolically involved in health care, education, and related fields of service.  Our Health Care facilities are now sponsored by a Catholic health care system that carries out the Mission of the Sisters of Jesus Crucified and maintains their charism.  We sisters continue our Ministry as staff and voludesk worknteers at St. Joseph Manor Health Care.  Our concern for the poor is manifested by distributing food and goods to the needy.  We have also provided temporary housing for immigrants.

- We fill other unique positions necessary in the service of God's people.                       

- We serve in the Archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts.

- Above all, we pray together, live together, work together as we endeavor to deepen devotion to the Passion of Jesus and the Sorrows of His Mother, Mary.
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